Elvelangs 2014

“What if there was a camera that could see who you are, not only what you look like?”

This was our creative starting point for making this interactive projection mapping show for Oslo’s yearly cultural event “Elvelangs i fakkellys” 2014.

Thinking about the amount of selfies, “belfies” and “fjellfies” we had seen the past year we started investigating how to show something more of a person than a just empty shell. We got inspired by the jungian archetypes and developed visuals for 8 different characteristics.

At the event we let people choose their desired object amongst 8 on a table. Each of them a symbol and reflection of different personal traits. Which object they choose would then decide the way they were video-mapped on to the bridge.

During the event where was a constant line-up of eager participants. People really enjoy playing with the installation, but most of all, it seems, they liked having a large scale projection of their own face.


Reidun Solvik
Angelica Askvik
Mads Faste Liang Nilsen

Music: Jon Hopkins - Lost in Thought